Youth Ministry Volunteer
Whether serving as a small group leader, welcoming families, or working behind the scenes, volunteers have a profound impact in the lives and faith of our youth. If you want to ‘Be Light’ by serving as a youth volunteer either click the ‘Want to Volunteer’ button to fill out an interest form, or contact us and we can help determine your best fit.

Open Arms Ministry

Open Arms supports children with disabilities so they can participate in Children’s Ministry activities. For more information, click the button below.
Steven Dunkel
Ben Sullivan
Stef Jordheim
Nicole Weisz  
Kim Bedore 
Katie Van Dame

Kathy Braunschweig

Trisha Mosher
Hopetots Lead Teachers

Grace Surprenant, SC

Bailey Kolesar, NC

Ashlyn Jones, WC

Taylor Hirchert, WC 

Hopekids Lead Teachers
Cheryl Glasner, SC 2
Jeremiah Fischer, SC PK
Jill Holten, SC K-1
Jo Baker, SC PK & 1-2
Katy Johnson, SC 5
Peyton Klein, SC 4
Rebecca Lill, SC PK-1
Ruth Bergstrom, SC 3
Susan Vitalis, SC 3-5
Sophie Weisz, SC PK
Alena Rinas, NC PK-1
Ashley Bonn, NC 2-3
Kelsey Gravalin, NC 4-5
Kristi Steidl, NC 2-5
Molly Johnson, NC PK-1
Ashley Hogness, WC 4-5
Autumn Gossett, WC 2-3
Dara Evenson, WC PK-1
Netta Schroeder, WC PK-1 
MSM Coordinators
Cody Portlock, SC 6
Kristi Heupel, SC 7
Lori Wetch, SC 8
Joyce Van Lith, NC 6
Erin Allguire, NC 7 & 8
Greggory Johnson, WC 6-8
HSM Coordinators
Jake Himle, SC
Rachel Pulling, NC
Char Kovash, WC