HSM exists for all students to know the love of Jesus.
During this time of crisis, the HSM community is staying connected online.
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Starting September 13/16 (subject to change)
Wednesdays | 8:15pm | Central Location (South Campus)
Sunday Life Groups: North, West and other
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Hebrews Coffee Shop
Interested in working in the Hebrews coffee shop? Funds raised go directly towards your next trip or retreat! Please fill out the volunteer form.
Kristian says HSM is the “best job ever.” He is fueled by people instead of coffee. He insists that teenagers, golden retrievers, loyal friends and toothbrushes are God’s best gifts to mankind. His single-mindedness means he can usually be found moving quickly, listening closely, talking too much about Jesus, and trying to remember what he was just doing.
Director of HSM
Ashton brings an abundance of leadership experience to HSM, loves a challenge of any sort, and brims with passion for God. He says if you’re not always learning and growing, you’re missing something. If you have not met him, look for a 6’4” flannel-wearing twenty-something strolling around Hope with a grin on his face and fire in his heart.
Administrative Assistant
Terri is the real brains behind Hope’s student programs. You can expect to find her planning events, crunching numbers, singing hymns, or herding us like cats. She handles finances, registrations, events, strategy and all the points of vision that get missed.
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Open Arms Ministry

Open Arms supports students with disabilities so they can participate in Student Ministry activities.
To get your student connected to a buddy or to volunteer, contact Judy Siegle at jsiegle@fargohope.org.