Student Ministry: Grades 6-9

Confirmation at Hope Lutheran
Welcome to Middle School Ministry and Confirmation at Hope Lutheran!
We are so excited to be partnering with your family to help your middle school student(s) know the love of Christ through Confirmation! Middle School Ministry and Confirmation is a relational style program for students in grades 6-9. 
Our mission is“to encourage all students to know the love of Christ and articulate their faith in him.”
Confirmation Group Leaders | Attendance


2019-2020 Session:
Wednesdays from 7:15-8:00pm, North and South Campus
Sundays from 11:00-11:45am, North and South Campus
Sundays 10:30-11:15am, West Campus
* For the sake of each students’ small group experience, students may only be registered for one campus and day.
VOLUNTEERS: We need adults to encourage kids to know the love of Christ! Parent/adult involvement is what makes Confirmation Ministry powerful and successful here at Hope. We ask each family to find at least one area in which to serve to ensure your student(s) have a positive Confirmation experience. Background checks are conducted on all adults who work directly with students under age 18.
For Confirmation Expectations, please click HERE
For the 2019-2020 Youth Ministry Calendar, please click HERE
For the 2019-2020 Confirmation Large & Small Group schedule, please click HERE
2019-2020 9th Grade Timeline click HERE
Confirmation Lock-In
November 22-23 | 8:00pm-8:00am | South Campus

Spots are limited. First come, first serve. If you are unable to register, that means we are at capacity. You can request to be added to a wait list by emailing

No Sleep November is our 2019 Fall-Themed Confirmation Lock-In available to all 6-9 Grade students. This event will consist of competitive games, a Thanksgiving meal cooked and served by our High School Work Crew, and multiple late night activities and games, such as Gargon, aka Catch the Turkey.
Come ready to have lots of fun and see if you can go the whole evening without fall-ing asleep!
9th Grade Retreat
January 24-26, 2020 | Camp Castaway, Pelican Lake, MN
Cost: $125
The 9th Grade Retreat is the capstone expectation for confirmation and your chance to solidify your personal faith story, experience amazing worship and enjoy fun activities with your 9th grade Confirmation peers.
Students not participating in this retreat will have an alternate assignment to complete on their own time, as a requirement for Affirmation of Baptism.
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Open Arms Ministry

Open Arms supports students with disabilities so they can participate in Student Ministry activities.
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