Study Guides

Follow the sermon series and go deeper to engage God’s truth for you.
“Relentless Pursuit of Excellence”
NC I  November 9 & 13
SC I November 16 & 20
WC I November 27
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“Radical Middle”
NC I  November 27
SC I November 9 & 13
WC I November 16 & 20
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“Deeply Rooted in God’s Word”
NC I  November 16 & 20
SC I November 27
WC I November 9 & 13
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“And He Shall Be Called…Wonderful Counselor”
NC I  November 30
SC I December 7
WC I December 14
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“For Unto Us…
A Child is Born”
NC I  December 4
SC I December 11
WC I December 18
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“And He Shall Be Called…
Prince of Peace”
NC I  December 7
SC I December 14
WC I November 30
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“For Unto Us…
A Son is Given”
NC I  December 18
SC I December 4
WC I December 11
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“And He Shall Be Called…
Mighty God”
NC I  December 14
SC I November 30
WC I December 7
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“For Unto Us…
Government on His Shoulders”
NC I  December 11
SC I December 18
WC I December 4
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