Communion Dates/Baptisms NOT Available:

April 7, 11 & 28

May 2

June 2, 6

July 7, 11 & 28

August 1

We invite you to jump into the promises of God that are yours in the living waters of baptism. At Hope Lutheran there is no age limit for baptism.
In lieu of in-person orientation, please watch our orientation video and fill out the request form.
Baptism options- Not Available on Communion Dates
  • North Campus
    • 8:30am Sunday
    • 11:00am Sunday
    • 6:00pm Wednesday
  • South Campus
    • 11:00am Sunday
    • 6:00pm Wednesday
  • West Campus
    • 9:30am Sunday
Please Note: Due to the current policies & procedures, we have limited space available for baptisms. Thank you for your understanding!