Hope West Worshipping Community
Our first Worship service will take place on September 8, 2019
at Liberty Middle School (801 36th Avenue East, West Fargo, ND 58078).
Worship: 9:30am
Hopetots available during worship
Youth Programming: 10:30am
Coffee, Donuts, Fellowship and more will be offered throughout the morning each Sunday!
Please lift this ministry in prayer as we seek to reach out with the Love of Christ!
Are you interested in participating on the Hope West Launch Team?
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People of Hope,
In 2014 we engaged a vision for Hope’s future called the Decade of Hope. This vision was a 10-year plan supported by a 94% percent congregational vote to address three key challenges we faced in living into our mission, “to encourage all people to know the love of Christ.”
Those challenges were as follows:
1. To address space needs at the South Campus and necessary upgrades to the North Campus footprint.
2. To reduce or eliminate Hope’s debt.
3. To develop short and long-term responses to Hope’s growth, which would include a strategy for a third campus.
God Continues to Bless Our Church
As we reach out helping people with their soul business, God continues to bless our church in unimaginable ways. Five years into the 10-year vision for Hope’s future here is where we stand:
1. Both North Campus and South Campus footprints are up to date. Upgrades have been completed to our facilities, which serve our mission well. We have maxed out all building opportunities and a plan is in place for the upkeep of our current buildings and more importantly for the soul care of the people of Hope.
2. Hope is 100 percent debt free.
3. Now is the time to launch a third worshipping community, Hope West, beginning September 2019 at Liberty Middle School in West Fargo.
Legacy of Outreach
As West Fargo and south Fargo continue to grow, and as more and more people come to Hope for their personal and families’ spiritual needs, we are out of primetime space at the South Campus. The legacy of outreach that the North Campus was founded upon and which birthed the South Campus continues to pull us into our future as God’s Spirit moves and breathes among us.
What Can You Do
What can you do as a faith filled follower of Jesus as we lean into the great commission of our Lord for His church, “Go and make disciples, baptizing and teaching them the Word of God”?
• Pray that God uses us as a church to advance His Kingdom’s goals.
• Attend one of the many focus groups offered throughout February where we will share further information and recruit members of Hope who desire to be a part of the West Campus launch team.
• Share this web page with others.
• Spread the word about Hope’s new mission start. Thank you people of Hope for who you are! A church filled with followers of Jesus who strive to reach out and join with God in His work in this world, so heaven might be more crowded!
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