Study Guides

“Transformed” (Winter/Spring 2019 Sermon Series)
These weekly study guides are written for you by our pastors in conjunction with the current Sermon Series, “Transformed.” They are designed for small group or personal study. We hope you utilize them to grow deeper in your knowledge of and relationship with God. New study guides are added weekly. Follow the track for your worship venue (North, South or Chapel) to stay on track with that week’s message. Recorded sermons are available HERE.
Transformed By God’s Grace
Pastor Paul Nynas
NC: Jan. 2/6
SC: Jan. 9/13
Chapel/SC Sunday 6:00pm: Jan. 16
From Fighting God to
Surrendering to Him
Pastor Mike Toomey
NC: Jan. 16/20
SC: Jan. 2/6
Chapel/SC Sunday 6:00pm: Jan. 13
From Old Self to a New You
Pastor Matt Cordes
Chapel/SC Sunday 6:00pm: Jan. 6
From Chasing It to Living Life with God
Pastor Chuck Olmstead
NC: Jan. 9/13
SC: Jan. 16/20
Chapel/SC Sunday 6:00pm: Feb. 3
From Consumerism to Servanthood
Pastor Paul Nynas
NC: Jan. 30/Feb. 3
SC: Feb. 6/10
Chapel/SC Sunday 6:00pm: Feb. 17
From Tolerance to Loving Like Jesus
Pastor Sarah Seibold
SC: Jan. 30/Feb. 3
Chapel/SC Sunday 6:00pm: Feb.10 
From Apathy to Zeal
Pastor Chuck Olmstead
NC: Feb. 6/10
SC: Feb. 13/17
Chapel/SC Sunday 6:00pm: Feb. 24
From Pride to Humility
Pastor Sarah Seibold
NC: Feb. 13/17
SC: Feb. 20/24
Chapel/SC Sunday 6:00pm: Feb. 27
From Tightfisted to Generously
Pastor Paul Nynas
NC: Feb. 20/24
SC: Feb. 27/Mar. 3
Chapel/SC Sunday 6:00pm: Mar. 10
From Captive to Free
Pastor Matt Cordes
NC: Feb. 27/Mar. 3
SC: Mar. 10
Chapel/SC Sunday 6:00pm: Mar. 17
From Isolation to Communion
Pastor Kristian Eikevik
NC: Mar. 10
SC: Mar. 17
Chapel/SC Sunday 6:00pm: Mar. 24
From My Own Understanding to Sitting at the Jesus’ Feet
Pastor Sarah Seibold
NC: Mar. 17
SC: Mar. 24
Chapel/SC Sunday 6:00pm: Mar. 31
From Frustration to Patience
Pastor Mike Toomey
NC: Mar. 24
SC: Mar. 31
Chapel/SC Sunday 6:00pm: Apr. 7
From Existing to Living Life on Purpose
Pastor Matt Cordes
NC: March 31
SC: April 7
Chapel/SC Sunday 6:00pm: April 28
From Busy to Balanced
Pastor Kristian Eikevik
NC: April 7
SC: April 24/28
Chapel/SC Sunday 6;00pm: May 5
Palm Sunday
April 14
The Resurrection – Easter
April 20-21
From Words that Destroy to
Language that Builds Up
Pastor Chuck Olmstead
NC: April 24/28
SC: May 1/5
Chapel: May 12
From Hate to Loving Others
Pastor Mike Toomey
NC: May 1/5
SC: May 8/12
Chapel: May 19
From Prejudice to Justice for All
Pastor Paul Nynas
NC: May 8/12
SC: May 15/19
Chapel: May 26
From a Hard Heart to a Pure Heart
Pastor Matt Cordes
NC: May 15/19
SC: May 22/26
From Keeping My Faith to
Myself to Sharing It with Others
Pastor Kristian Eikevik
NC: May 22/26
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