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Sermon Series Study Guides

These weekly study guides are written for you by our pastors in conjunction with the current Sermon Series, “The Life of Jesus.” They are designed for small group or personal study. We hope you utilize them to grow deeper in your knowledge of and relationship with God. New study guides are added weekly. Follow the track for your worship venue (North, South or Chapel) to stay on track with that week’s message.
Baptism of Jesus
NORTH: Jan. 3/7
SOUTH: Jan. 10/14
CHAPEL: Jan. 21
Jesus and You
SOUTH: Dec. 31
CHAPEL: Dec. 31
NORTH: May 23/27
Temptation of Jesus
NORTH: Jan. 10/14
SOUTH: Jan. 17/21
CHAPEL: Jan. 28
Sermon on the Mount
NORTH: Jan. 17/21
SOUTH: Jan. 24/28
CHAPEL: Feb. 4
Jesus & Nicodemus
NORTH: Jan. 24/28
SOUTH: Jan. 31/Feb. 4
CHAPEL: Feb. 11
Jesus and the Samaritan Woman
NORTH: Jan. 31/Feb. 4
SOUTH: Feb. 7/11
CHAPEL: Feb. 18
Jesus Heals a Paralyzed Man
NORTH: Feb. 7/11
SOUTH: Feb. 18
CHAPEL: Feb. 25
Jesus Forgives a Guilty Woman
NORTH: Feb. 18
SOUTH: Feb. 25
CHAPEL: March 4
Jesus & the Rules that Count
NORTH: Feb. 25
SOUTH: March 4
CHAPEL: March 11
The Transfiguration of Jesus
NORTH: March 4
SOUTH: March 11
CHAPEL: March 18
Jesus on Greatness
NORTH: March 11
SOUTH: March 18
CHAPEL: April 8
Jesus the Good Shepherd
NORTH: March 18
SOUTH: April 4/8
CHAPEL: April 15
The Emmaus Road
NORTH: April 4/8
SOUTH: April 11/15
CHAPEL: April 22
Doubting Thomas
NORTH: April 11/15
SOUTH: April 18/22
CHAPEL: April 29
Jesus & Peter
NORTH: April 18/22
SOUTH: April 25/29
The Great Commission
NORTH: April 25/29
SOUTH: May 2/6
CHAPEL: May 13

Archived Study Guides

Here We Stand (Fall 2017 Sermon Series)
Grace Alone
Faith Alone
Scripture Alone
Here We Stand
Christ Alone
The Lord’s Prayer
Glory to God Alone
Communion with God
First Commandment